Exercise Bike Pedals Heavy Duty for Matrix Fitness - Model FT1

Our bike pedals are ideal for your fitness club. Wide support base, ergonomic shape of rubber toe strap keeps the foot securely in position.
Bands: Supplied complete

Available size: 1/2" shaft diameter where pedal threads into the crank arm (equivalent to 12 mm in the metric system)

Fits all Matrix Fitness bikes offered on the market like: Matrix U1x - U3x, Matrix U3x - R3x, Matrix H3x, Matrix U5x - H5x - R5x, Matrix U7x - H7x - R7x, Matrix U7xe - H7xe - R7xe, Matrix U7xi - H7xi - R7xi.

Tip: Although bicycles of different fitness equipment manufacturers differ in shape and size, the type of the pedal (thread size) will almost always be one of two industry standard sizes (9/16 "or 1/2" diameter), which means that no you need to replace pedals for those that were originally provided with the new product.