Why us?

Quality assurance
Why is quality so important?
We are distinguished by the excellent quality of products that will fit your equipment perfectly. The parts we offer come from top manufacturers that supply components for factory lines where the most renowned fitness equipment in the world are assembled.
Latest technology
Why is deck size so important?
Our suppliers know all about technology and production. With treadmill decks every detail is important: its length, width, edge bevelling, the diameter and spacing of bores and, above all, the quality of the surface laminate.
In many cases, you will find out that our products are even better fitted and of better quality than the original parts used by the manufacturers of fitness equipment.
Competitive prices
Why are our parts cheaper than the prices offered by the equipment distributors?
Thanks to our independence in business, we can offer you very competitive prices for our spare parts for the most popular brands of fitness equipment sold in the Polish market.
By purchasing from us you can save up to 40% of the market price. These will be real cost savings for your fitness club.
Service at your convenience
You don't need to get your hands dirty.
When you make a purchase with us, we will indicate a service shop in your area where, after prior arrangements, you can have your part replaced according to the latest technological requirements of repair.
Free Shipping
Why no charge for the shipping?
With our customers' satisfaction in mind, we offer free shipping on orders above PLN 499.00. We will cover the shipping costs of such deliveries ourselves.
Full Safety of your Delivery
Why is the packaging so important?
We take measures to provide the highest safety standards for our deliveries. Before shipping, each item is carefully packed and secured to prevent damage. We guarantee that the goods ordered by you are totally safe.
Wide range of products
Why is it worth ordering from FitnessTechnik?
Day by day, we are trying to improve our offer. You do not need to visit several stores to find the right part, such as a running deck for your treadmill. We have our own storage facilities, so we are able to ensure that our products are widely available.
Customer Service
Why is it worthwhile asking about our products?
We put great emphasis on the highest quality of our customer service and efficient communication, from the first contact to after-sales services. We are always there for you when you need advice and support in selecting the right product. Should you have any queries, do not hesitate to contact FitnessTechnik Customer Service directly.